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Diabetic Shoes Leads

October - 21 - 2010
diabetic shoes leads

For diabetics around the world, there have been a few introductions in the market with products that are formulated to aid free blood flow. These products range with various benefits and have great lasting effects on the body which help diabetics resume normal healthy lives in a controlled environment. One such accessory that has helped diabetics from around the world is the complete range of footwear that have been manufactured  [ Read More ]

Prescription Drugs and Ailments Leads

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private insurance leads

Private Insurance Leads – Diabetic Testing Supplies Friday, August 13th, 2010 Are you looking for private insurance leads for diabetic testing supplies. We talk to over 2mm people suffering from diabetes per month. As a result we have many private insurance clients that are looking for diabetic testing supplies. We supply leads with best copay insurance based on your needs. Also available medicare advantage leads and we do generate medicare  [ Read More ]

Diabetic Testing Supplies Leads

October - 6 - 2010
Diabetic Testing Supplies Leads

Diabetic Testing Supplies Leads Cost: $24 Volume: 100 – 5000 leads per day Return Allowance: up to 15% (ONLY for duplicate leads within your database) Closing Rate: 15% or better depending on the client call center These leads are recorded and call verified for the following information: Name, address, city, state, zip, phone 1, phone 2 (if available), (email if available), do you have diabetes (y), are you 65 years  [ Read More ]

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