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Loan Modification Leads

October - 6 - 2010

loan modification leads
Loan Modification Leads
Radio Calls

Volume Available: 1000 or more calls a week
Current client is seeing a 5 to 1 return on investment and asked to turn down their TV campaign.
Cost per call: $32 per unique call
60% – 70% of calls come in 8a – 8p Mon – Sat
30% – 40% of the calls come in after normal hours Mon – Sun
The current campaign is for attorney backed firms only.
Internet Leads
Cost: $25.00
Return Allowance: up to 20%
States: all 50
Leads are 100% opt-in, exclusive to our clients, generated from banner advertising and delivered in real time 7 days a week.
Fields Include: First/Last Name, e-mail address, Phone1, Phone2(optional), Current Home Value, Property State, Months Behind, Hardship,Loan Balance, Fixed/Adjustable Loan, Notice of Default (Y,N), Currently in Bankruptcy (Y,N), Are you genuinely interested in being contacted (Y,N)
Call centers getting the Best Results are open Mon – Sun 6AM – 9PM Local Time

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